King’s Cross modernisation project

Client: London Underground

The modernisation of the communications systems at King’s Cross involved providing step-free access to the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, as well as new and enlarged public subways and additional routes to street level.

A main feature of the project was the new Western ticket hall which was designed to ease congestion during peak periods, and is expected to handle over 500,000 passengers each day making it the busiest on the London Underground Network. Systems installed included 250 digital CCTV cameras which allowed images to be stored, moved or displayed (as the images are addressable) allowing the controller to quickly manipulate the images.
King's Cross ticket hall

A fully compliant PA/VA system was designed & installed with over 800 speakers fitted into all areas of the station. Twelve areas are controlled by ambient noise sensors, which automatically raise/lower the volume according to the background noise within the station. Forty six help points were installed incorporating fire call points and emergency and information buttons. For extra security, the help points are integrated into the CCTV system so a recording is made or the person who presses the button.